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We moved and now I had a whole basement, with carpet! It was like a dream. I was listening to the Misfits a lot and now I had two kids. I’d record the drums during the day while everyone was awake, and at night I’d get drunk and pretend I was Muddy Waters. It’s a sort of punk blues guitar record. Like throwing a Telecaster into a gravel pit.


released January 1, 2009

All music, vocals, and lyrics by Shorthand P. Davis ©2009
*except for "Death at Your Door", "Family Van" by Shorthand P. Davis & D.L.Trautman ©2009

Mastering and Post-Production by Kyle P. Snyder

All songs recorded on seven tracks of an 8-track recorder


all rights reserved



Short Hand Muncie, Indiana

Short Hand figures that it's easier to learn to play an instrument than it is to find someone who can play it. He also figures that it's easier for him to do the writing, recording, mixing, artwork, and anything else that might need to be done. In the end, a set of sounds collect themselves into different shapes one might call "albums." Some sound like this and some sound like that. ... more

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Track Name: Death at Your Door
Death at your door
What can you do?
You open the door
And you let death through
And say, “How are you?’
he says, “Fine, Thank you.”
You say, “okay, good.
Can I get you some juice?”

Death nods his head,
Death drinks his juice,
Death wears a gown
That is nearly see-through
And you really want to
And you’re wearing one too
and you’re wearing one too.

Death at your house
Death on your couch
What can you do
But let death nap
and you just sit there
dumb and scared
Death wakes up
points at his cup

Death at your door
What can you do?
You open the door
And you let death through
And say, “How are you?”
he says, “Fine, Thank you.
Any juice ?”
Track Name: Certain Strangers
Moving at the speed of light is the right speed
Moving at the speed of light is the right speed
And you really want to make it
And you really want to make it
And you really want to make it

All the love that you have for certain strangers
All the love that you need from certain strangers
Is stranger than any word, you’ve ever heard
All the love that you need
Track Name: On My Skateboard
I am a person
I am a person
Moving through the cold
On my way home

The snow begins to blow
On my skateboard
My nose is very cold
On my skateboard

I blow through this town
I blow through this town
My face is very cold
I roll through this town

On my skateboard
On my skateboard
Nothing can get me down
Nothing can get me down

Nothing can get me down
I crawl through this town
I want to be warm
But I can't get warm

I know I must try
To live another life
My wheels roll on
Underneath my board

I try to wrap myself
Around my bones
I try to wrap myself
Around my bones
Track Name: Jason Mathias
When I look inside of my mouth
Deep inside my jaw
In the hills of my teeth
Lives a little tiny beast

Yeah we'd break dance man we'd breakdance
I'm talking 1983
In the middle of Indiana
We were called little naggers

Jason Mathias
Eating dinner at your parents’ table
You can name your children anything you want
As long as it's Jason Mathias

Skateboard man, we'd skateboard
Anthrax “I’m the man"
Suicidal Tendencies and
Winter in between

You got to speculate on the situation
You've got to rethink what has changed
The car garage and the car
Are one and the same

Jason Mathias
In words that you can't speak
You can say anything to the heathens at the stake
Except for
Jason Mathias

And with my Jason Mathias
With my Jason Mathias
Everything is sloped toward something tape recorded
Something young and fierce (brief)

Let go, baby let go
Get what you can get
The goat and the lamb are
Both made of ham

Jason Mathias
Jason Mathias
You can share your Dr Pepper with anyone you want
Except for the parents of
Jason Mathias

And hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
You should sign your letters sincerely
Jason Mathias

And hey hey hey
Yea yea
You can only testify about the hole in the wall
Clearly shaped like
Jason Mathias
Track Name: Fort Lauderdale
See you in Ft. Lauderdale, where everything pastel fails
Where everything is veiled in lace of honeyed hell.
I’ve never been to Ft. Lauderdale, I don't think I have babe,
But I took some church trips, when I was just a kid.

Florida is an awful place, you can see it is or say it ain't
Besides, of course, the beach, and the surf and the palm trees,
But Ft. Lauderdale is super cool, it's great on spring break ’88
Things happen down there that don't happen anywhere.


O Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, are you okay way down there?
I hope to see you soon, in a classic scuba suit.
Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, is the best place for our little bird
We will let it sail, into the un-oceaned air.

OOOOOO Ft. Lauderdale.
Track Name: Birth Control
I look at
Everything in the universe
And I hurt
A little
Because so much seems to suck

And yet
The good at my own expense
I know
There is good shit in the universe

I once
Thought that
The world was just junkyard hard
When I looked
What I saw
Was bad rabid junkyard dog

What I know
Birth control
The kids in our
Midst are mist in
The mountains in the snow

I know
You know
Not everyone's in slow-mo
There's no
Time for
Me to repeat this.

But we
Know too
It's important to communicate
So I’m
This so you can hear it clearly, babe.
Track Name: ATTILA!

I never paid any union dues
I once paid a fine, it was more than I wanted to.
You can pay what you need to pay
You can say what you feel like you need to
Not everyone who works gets paid

I haven't made any human news
But I've seen TV shows about humans do
I'm better off silent
Alone in the corner and as violent
As a hun
Though I'm sure many huns were fun.

Not everyone is work gets done
Not every hun who works has fun


I never worked on a highway crew
I've driven by those guys, and those chicks I mistake as guys
I'm sure it's very tough work
With the big trucks in the dirt and the sun
And the cold
But not everyone who works grows old
Not everyone does what they're told!
Track Name: Family Van
Baby if you want
We'll just roll around
Baby if you want
We’ll roll around town

Baby if you don't
I understand babe
Baby if you don't
I understand now

Baby if you want
Just come inside
Baby if you want
Come inside now

Baby if you don't
Or baby if you do
Baby either way
I understand babe

Yea family van!

Baby if you want
Just come around
Baby if you want
You come around town
Baby if you don't
I understand babe
Baby if you don't
I understand now

Yea family van!

Mini mini van
Extra extra tire
Big big man
In a mini van

Extra extra mile
Big big van

Oh little bitty skirt!

Yeah family van!
Track Name: Mohammed Ali
Bring on the day, bring on the day
I am Mohammed Ali and a bad like fucker
And I ain't scared of no eternity

Yeah man, hurt man
Dirt man, skirt man
Track Name: Alive
Everybody falls into a trap
And dies like a poor dying rat.

Everybody makes the same mistakes
There's a skull beneath every human face

And everybody I know
Is going to die
And all of them are turning into dirt
But this whole family is getting out of here alive
This family gonna be all right,

Everybody's got to get back
To the blackest of the black (unfortunately)

Inside every finger a bone
Inside of every stone a comfy little home
Track Name: All Is Right
Sick for 5 days and on Tuesday we sleep in the hospital
Sick for 6 days, Wednesday in the hospital
Sick for 7 days, Thursday morning in the hospital

Everything is blurry, blurry, blurry, I can see that I can't see
Everything is blurry blurry blurry I can see but I can't see
Everything is a hurry, but nothing actually hurrying

Saturday sunrise, my wife sitting up in bed
Sunday sunset, she's sitting up in the bed,
Monday midnight we wake to his new cries in our new night

All is right...
Track Name: Identical Things
Today, yea, there is east and there is West
Today yea, a television set
An antenna bent, sits where the sun sets

Today yea, today is dry before it's wet, yes,
Today yea, isn't over yet
You can bet on it, or better yet, just get set

I've got ears and gears, teeth and spit
A nose, a neck, a chest and lips,
A mind to win and a mind to lose
I hope my mind gets a mind to choose.

Today yea, you choose you choose you choose
You open your eyes and you move and you move


I got bones and guts, tails and cuts
Birds on fire, and telephone wires
Wheels on streets, ways and means
My feet and wings are identical things

Today yea, identical things
When you flap your feet, you flap your wings

Skin and veins, spine and legs
Arms and wrists, shoulders square
Knees and toes, two elbows
A waist, some hair, your basic nose

Today yea, yea, yeah yeah yeah
Always yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah

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