Head Full

by Short Hand

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These songs were recorded during the day in my living room, but they’re a little dark. I’d quit drinking so it’s all a little sober. That’s also because there’s a dobro and a piano. The piano is out of tune enough to sound about right. This is mostly country music, even if it doesn’t always sound like country music.


released January 1, 2015

All music, vocals, and lyrics by Shorthand P. Davis ©2015


all rights reserved



Short Hand Muncie, Indiana

Short Hand figures that it's easier to learn to play an instrument than it is to find someone who can play it. He also figures that it's easier for him to do the writing, recording, mixing, artwork, and anything else that might need to be done. In the end, a set of sounds collect themselves into different shapes one might call "albums." Some sound like this and some sound like that. ... more

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Track Name: Boxing Gloves
Sometimes it seems that you and I
Just can't see eye to eye
And though we poke and though we pry
We just can't get it right
Sometimes love fits like a boxing glove

And it makes me wonder
Wonder if it's you
Or wonder if it's me
Or wonder if it's just us

Sometimes it seems that you and I
Can light each other on fire
And though we're bright, providing light
Where stuck in a dark, dank night
Sometimes love is less a wink than a shrug

Sometimes love is just a little too much
Sometimes love just isn't near enough
Sometimes love disappears like a hummingbird
Track Name: No Indiana
And at some point you know that you're human
And at another point you begin to change
Change becomes what you can't control
And from there it's just getting older

And it's like there's no Indiana
Like there's no place to call home
As if there's no guitar music
No Indiana, no Indiana

And at some point you are what you think
And at another you’re there and you're gone
Where you're going is what you can't control
And from there it's just the going

It's like ain't no one to listen
It's like ain’t no one to hear this
No strings holding the states
no faking, no Indiana
Track Name: Since You've Been Gone
Since you've been gone the nights are so long
But I can't sleep a wink.
Since you've been gone all I do is think about getting drink.
Since you've been gone I want to tie one on
But I can't do that on a wagon.
So far I've stayed on but it's hard holding on
Since you've been gone.

Since you've been gone the dawn is so long
It's hard to get out of bed.
Since you've been gone I haven't missed one of my meetings yet.
Since you've been gone I've wanted to phone
but I've called my sponsor at home.
I know I bothered his wife but he's saved my life
Since you've been gone.

Since you've been gone I figure I'm still better off without liquor
But I get quitting being a quitter if you don't ever get back here, o dear.

Since you've been gone the bottle sings a song
Like a beautiful woman.
I don't know how long I can hold on
Since you've been gone.
Track Name: Stuck Inside A Moan
If you been stuck inside a moan
Then you know just what I mean
If you've ever cleaned your own heart with a fork
If you've been yourself
And despised your own health

My head at work
Is a head so full of dirt
And my shovels they all have names
I date in my department
To get some satisfaction
But some days my rage is a rage of flames

So I've been to the doctor
And I've taken all the pills
I've hit my head so hard with my hand that it cuts
I've felt the weight of a lifetime
Sitting on my luck
And a truck of regret in my bones

So I don't need no St. James Infirmary
I don't need some old dude
In a hat who is gone
I need a song for the future
A song of my own
You know what I mean if you've been stuck inside a moan
Track Name: The Fear of the Unknown
You live your life with a sense of what's right and wrong
Before long you're at home with the fear of the unknown

You think of life as a bird with wings
A thing that can be flown with the fear of the unknown

I hold hands and hold my heart
With a voice like xylophone
I hold at hope all alone
Fearing the unknown

You live your life with hope and trust that others do the same
But down in your bones the fear of the unknown
Track Name: Jenny Annie
Hey there sweetie, hey sweet bumble bee
You looking for me or some mystery
Hey Jenny Ann, what do you say
Hey Jenny Ann, hey Jenny Annie

Well, I’m no engine I’m no jet plane
I can't take you to Rome or Bangor, Maine
Hey Jenny Ann, I can't promise you a ride
Hey Jenny Ann, Jenny Annie you can try, girl

I know we've had our fun
And these days are far from done
I also know that things have changed
I know I wouldn't want some other one
Thank you to go on
In this world that gets so strange

So come on baby grab your coat and hat
Bring your car, your highway and your roadmap
Hey Jenny Ann, you know what to wear
Hey Jenny Ann, hey there

I know we've some luck
To fall in love and such
But luck only sticks around so long
It's time we make our own
Sing a newer song
Know exactly where we belong

Hey there girl I look and I see
You beside me is just what I need
Hey Jenny Ann, I want to hear you breathe
Hey Jenny Ann, hey Jenny Annie
Track Name: Wounded Wolf
My baby loves me but I know that one day she won't

‘Cause all my life I've kicked and cussed
And messed up everything I've touched
All my life I've had this sadness
Around me like a lasso or a noose I can't remove

She could just quit me, I know she could but she don't
My baby she loves me but I know that one day she won't

‘Cause all my life I've made trouble
For every teacher and lover
All my life I've argued hard and made it clear
I wouldn't quit without proving how right I was

And even when I'm wrong, I could say so but I don't
My baby she loves me but I know that one day she won't

And as time keeps moving forward as it moves on and on
My baby she loves me but I know that one day she won't

‘Cause all my life I've been a smartass
In the back of the bus or the classroom
All my life there was this sorrow
That crept out of me sarcastic and cruel

Me, I'm a wounded wolf and she takes the brunt
My baby she loves me but I know that one day she won't
Track Name: Get Down
With a shield of tears
I looked everywhere for an autograph
Was caught peering
Looking in seeing if you were anywhere around

We all have a word we can't hear
So we squinted at the chair
Cock your head and wince some
And something strange seems paralyzed

I know you get down
And you know that I get down
But please don't get down on me
And we all get down
We all get down
But please don't get down on me

If if was verb in the air
I was iffing everywhere
I felt for the latch
Felt something opening
Help something turning slick and black

There is no excuse for this hurt
And there is no way to reverse it
It's this jerk in my body
It's this fog in my very short laugh
Track Name: Lost Human Cure
Once inside a house, a riverboat of doubt
Once inside a heart, a girl
Once beneath cloud, and umbrella out
And no rain anywhere

And now I see
With everything I see around me
There is something, a lost human cure
To believe in

Now and again, as the cloud weighs in
A heavy shoe finds a heavy foot
And down on the street, in the dead concrete
A footprint waits for the boot

And every now and then the sins I’ve committed
Swim like fish bobbing in the lake
Somewhere in the night something arrives
On wheels of justice
Pumped full of light, pumped full of light
Track Name: The Girl You Love
When the moon is hung
Over your happy home
When the stars stand still
And you're up all alone
You know that love
Is the center of this world
The world that you love
Is the world with the girl you love

You and the girl you love
Made this happy home
The kids and you
Have grown it
Built it up stone by stone
The girl you love
You know she's not a girl anymore
And you're not a boy anymore, man,
You've grown up together

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