Short Life

by Short Hand

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This is what happens when your brothers really, really love Iron Maiden but you learned to play guitar from Woody Guthrie. Not only that, but some weirdo is also playing horns sometimes. It’s confusing like that. That’s life, I guess. Sometimes, in, like, 1986, kids on BMX bikes would ride around with the wind in their vaguely New Wave hair. In some cases, deep down, they imagined life was a kind of rollercoaster and they were going to go through it with both arms raised high in the air, their index and pinkie fingers standing straight the fuck up.


released September 6, 2019

Produced, Written and Recorded by P. Davis
Mastered by Kyle P. Snyder


all rights reserved



Short Hand Muncie, Indiana

Short Hand figures that it's easier to learn to play an instrument than it is to find someone who can play it. He also figures that it's easier for him to do the writing, recording, mixing, artwork, and anything else that might need to be done. In the end, a set of sounds collect themselves into different shapes one might call "albums." Some sound like this and some sound like that. ... more

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Track Name: Super Future Us
Baby You and I leave shadows all over the house
Baby our eyes get wide and our insides shrink down
You with your curves like the curves of a mouth
It's a long road in the dark
Around the caves of my heart

And though, you know me and I know you
Here comes the dangerous super future us
Though you're a deer and I'm no bear
Here comes the dangerous super future us

Baby in the pool your legs warm me up again
Baby in the night I lay awake and I listen to your skin
And through the window I hear a splash
The water drips from your lash

And though we may be off in the clear
Here comes the dangerous super future us

All animal, standing tall
All family and handily
Track Name: Wasp in the Basement
I dropped from the sky like a dead bird
And fell into your arms
It was a very lucky spill
You held me like a kite holds the wind for a while
Then ducks into the sky

We grew together
The tips of our tongues a special sort of leather
A weathering the storm inside
A special sort of strife
for a special sort of wife

and baby, you know I love you
that's why I sing your praises in the soft breeze
and baby you know I need you
That's why I killed the the wasp in the basement
Every evening or anytime you need me

And baby baby baby baby baby
Lean in real close for this
There is no back door in the house
No trapdoor in the gauze
Not pauses in the cause
Track Name: Grow Wings
Hanging by a thread
The idea of a family that never was
And strung up in the sun
A panic that time runs and runs and runs
And laying down beside here
In dreams labeled “Being get a kid”
The whole of a lifetime
That can never be lived

And you know
You can't change anything
So it goes, so it goes
And you know
You can't just grow wings
So you let it go, you let it go

And yesterday disappears behind
A forest of regret
And in the branches a chorus of birds
Fly into the sunset

And you know
You can't know everything
So it goes, so it goes
You know you can't fly into the past
So you let it go, you let it go
Track Name: Window Pane
There is a deep bone in your eye
And it's got to change
It's got to change

There's a cough in your chest
And it's got to change
Ain't it strange?

There's always a face
In the window pane
Ain't it strange?

Open up your hands
And feel the wind change
Ain't it strange?
Track Name: Thinking of Jake
When I start thinking of Jake
I hardly know what to say
He was like a brother, man
And he new Ada out in California
When I start thinking of Jake
I hardly know yesterday
I remember Jake in a cloud
Like something better from some place else
He grew up in a house not much different
Than the house that you grew up in
He had brothers and a a family and a prom date

When I start thinking of Jake
I hardly know what to fake
He was like a brother, man
And he new Ada out in California
When I start thinking of Jake
I hardly get through the day
She knew him when he was young
When we rode around in the valley
He was like a light in this town with his face
Pointed up at the night sky, he was a good guy
His whole life, he had it made

And for a while in Lexington, Kentucky
Jake lived with the guys and partied
And woke up late in a bathing suit
And made it to work just in time
He was always all right

When I start thinking of Jake
I hardly know what to break
He was a brother, man
And he new Ada out in California
We were so lucky for that trip
We took to Washington
He rode shotgun the whole time
He had this glow
There's just some stuff
I'm never going to know
Track Name: BMX Light
He would throw back his hair in the Indiana air
He would throw the air and the dirt into the sky
We could ride for days over fields of clay
We could roll for hours in the city roads of gold

And somewhere brothers don't coast into the wind
And somewhere they're holding on and on and on
And somewhere all memories don't open from the back
And somewhere else all wheels turn to the track

And O brother, of the BMX bike,
Say "you know, brother, it's going to be all right.”
And O brother, of the BMX Light,
Say "you know, brother, it's going to be all right.
Just hold tight."

And we’re going to live to ride and we're going to ride to
All the magazines in California say so, too
In my heart I die or ride, in my heart I ride or die
The wind in the face it just goes and goes and goes.
Track Name: Bye Bye Friend
Bye bye friend, bye bye bye
So long friend, bye bye bye
See you at the end, bye bye friend
We may meet again
But who knows when?

Who's that in the doorway?
Who's that on the couch?
Who’s that in the driveway?
Who gently backs out?
Who can hear the rain
Bouncing off a train
Inching through the dark
Like a scar?

Who's that at the window?
Who's that through the glass?
Who's darting through the back door?
Who's living in the past?
Who can hear the rain
Bouncing off a brain
Splashing in the dark
Like tiny sparks?
Track Name: Toward the Sun
Come on

Coming from the darkness
Like a bullet from a gun
There goes you
There goes me
Toward the sun
Track Name: Short Life
You can wear your Church clothes to every memory from your youth
You can sense the hard truth in every memory you cut loose
You can wear a white hat or a pink hat or a black cat
You can wear a tracksuit and keep an extra tracksuit in your backpack
You can go to college, acquiring skills and mental polish
You can find a lover and chop down the tree of knowledge

You can cut through ice, through fire, through the thickness life accrues
You can drive a car through the floor, through the walls and through the roof
You can pamper your baby with lotions and fancy baths
You can dampen all your dreams before or after you dampen all of that
When your thoughts finally clear and you begin to sober up
You can syphon all of time into a tiny cup

But it's a short life and we’re here a short while
It's a short life and we wear a short smile
When you see it, you meet it, but it's a short life

You can be a prince of men or a princess of a pig
You can roll through certain hills or keep your rolling wheels well hid
You might find yourself atop a boat or a soon to be sunken ship
You might find a whip on your hip in the basement being kissed
You can employ a whole team of engineers and democrats
And if it lasts, it last long enough to reconfigure shattered facts

You can start an outlaw gang and gang up on the rich
You might quiver a whole lot or you might quiver just a little bit
You can fashion nicknames, making light of birth defects
You can ration sickness, making slightly special, special effects
You can water the plants and build a future from the past
But you better build on stone and you better build it fast

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