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Punk Heart

by Short Hand

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In Ninjitsu 02:17
So twice a week You haul your butt downtown in your ghee And you stretch and do rolls And then you recite the student creed And Sensei won't let you forget That we are talking about life and death And it's a good point In this ninjitsu In all this ninjitsu Every person has a fight A moment when they need to win something Every person has a life A moment when they start and when they end And so you may claw for the eye Or try to shattered the knee In this ninjitsu In all this ninjitsu
Hey poet. Lovebird. You got a life, word bird? What do you think, at night, Knowing the road you travel? You don't advocate violence, or anything, do you? You got a patron, poet? Like I've got my wife? Do you wake up tired Unable to lay down? Are you like a jump roper jumping rope? (Jump!) Is there a fire somewhere? Any room for jokes? Any room for skipping jokes? You know it. You don't have to be told about it. Do you understand time on a clock? Are you, or are you not, on a map, a dot? Teardrops! Teardrops! Poet teardrops!
So when you're young you had to have it Every time you went to church You learned to believe it, word for word It looked different than other books Your parents underlined whole sections of it And when you're older it divides the family And everyone has got good intentions There's no intent to make life miserable But things happen people don't understand And every person deserves to make their own life Everyone deserves to be who they want to be Regardless of the consequences But just because we want and deserve Something from life doesn't mean we'll get it Or anything similar And all of the stories tell something bitter From Genesis to the New Testament You soak it up, you soak it up And even as Saul is becoming Paul Even as my fists ball We are reading and reading the bible We're both reading and re-reading the bible
Golf Bag 03:36
I am going to walk this course. I don't have golf shoes. I never found the ball. I never made an eagle. I can't explain myself. On my shoulder, a golf bag. I've got to make this chip. Don't want to wet the bed on this. And it rolls right off the green. And I have another three-putt. I removed my golf glove. Standing close, a golf bag. Everyone has a good shot. Everyone has a bad shot. And I get the bad shots. Frustration is the enemy. I can't explain the waiting. On my heart, a golf bag. No, I never imagined A golf course and collared shirts. My son likes to play a lot. And I like what he likes. On his shoulder, a golf bag. On my shoulder, a golf bag.
Hawaii 02:02
Happy that you're well in Hawaii I can't wait to see the places you'll be It's good to know, better than to guess About the real estate in the South Pacific We drove from Florida yesterday We're home 18 hours later The kids were good despite the big numbers All of the earth feels smaller this summer And there's always another night to give Despite ours we find ourselves here Something in the dark wakes up the room A muscle in my heart beats an instant too soon For all the hopes, the dreams and the rest The blue ocean still moves back and forth Hawaii, me, you, Ben, Jen, and the kids We can always live in the basement, love, Pete P.S. We love you aunt Mel.
Baby loves her research. Tuesdays are news days. A neighbor can be a tiger. Still baby loves her research. And I love you.
All I'm saying is, is that logic? Does it make sense? And do you have any evidence? It's called a good argument. I'm just asking if that word here Is the best word here? And, if it's not, what word would it be? It's called a good argument. And can you read this carefully? Can you see through this clear window? All I'm saying is, listen up! You might learn a lot From listening, reading, or whatnot. It's called a good argument. All I am saying is, is that logic Where is it logic intolerant? Have you found any fingerprints? It's called a good argument.
You're like a person carved of stone And then you wake a parent No longer alone at home or anywhere There is much whimpering and tear drops And you're not the only one Who wakes in the darkness crying And it's so traumatic But there ain’t nothing better in the world Than to have a little boy or a little girl And to love them for all that they’re worth And there ain't nothing worth more on the earth Than little boys and little girls She wants to arrange dolls always talking, talking He wants to play golf often, often, often And it's unexpected It's so inconvenient
Punk Heart 03:03
You are punk, you are sad, you are lonely You are stoned, you are drunk, for goodness sake You are dreaming asleep in the embers You are numb in the ashes when you awake And o, I know you ache for anarchy O, will you just listen to me I know it's hard, Punk Heart, to take heart ‘Cause punk hurts, but still Perk up, punk, you've just got to You are pierced with the arrow of the tragic And like static on my TV You are as spacious as the empty attic Except for the echoes of your screams And, kid, neither of us can go it alone So, let's grow up together, son
Stella turning seven There's never been anything better Then Stella turning seven And your brother will be turning eleven Those two ones a new number Your brother turning eleven And I’m 41 and mom will turn 42 And there's nothing we can do about it And we can't change, we can't change And even if we could We’d keep it pretty much the same So Stella is there anything better Then you turnings seven I don't think so, but I don't know, Stella And when you hear this aged one half century When your brothers 54 You won't be able to change the past And even if you could, then, You'd keep it pretty much the same
A man is part of a family– he sleeps in a cave, a tent, or a house. He says, Man, I’m a family man, man, it's all I've got. A wife becomes a peach tree and your child becomes the bloom. Every word that they utter, bursts from their mouth too soon. I've been a family man, seriously, even sense cro-magnum man, Man, cro-magnum man is my immediate family. My immediate family is cro-magnum man, man.
When it's all over You can sleep With your eyes open And it's like you never had anything Like you never had anything at all It's like your whole life never had nothing Like there was nothing in your whole life And you want to be brave and open You want to open up to the world And it's time to open up to the world And no where can we read the whole history We can't read the whole history or the build up We can't see the road We can't drive forever, like a leopard Vicious with courage Stupid with drive And in front of kids, it's stupefying It runs through you like water


I didn’t intend to call this record Punk Heart, but, by the end, it was like it almost would’ve been wrong not to call it Punk Heart. It’s not exactly punk but then my heart isn’t exactly punk. All the songs are about my family and even though I’m often screaming, I’m screaming about ordinary life. My daughter turned seven and I took Ninjitsu with my son. I like to think there was a really long summer in there. There is no song about gin on this record, but there should have been.


released January 1, 2014

All music, vocals, and lyrics by Shorthand P. Davis ©2014
*Scott Bugher plays bass on tracks one, two, three, four, six, eight, nine, and ten. jscottbugher.com

Produced and recorded by Shorthand P. Davis
Mastering and Post-Production by Kyle P. Snyder


all rights reserved



Short Hand Muncie, Indiana

Short Hand figures that it's easier to learn to play an instrument than it is to find someone who can play it. He also figures that it's easier for him to do the writing, recording, mixing, artwork, and anything else that might need to be done. In the end, a set of sounds collect themselves into different shapes one might call "albums." Some sound like this and some sound like that. ... more

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